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Three-layer Egg

Seng Choon eggs are well-known for having 3 distinct layers — the hallmark of a fresh egg. A top quality fresh Seng Choon egg can be easily picked up by your fingers. You can see these layers for yourself:

  • A rich, golden creamy yolk that is firm to the touch
  • A gel-like layer of egg white
  • A clear liquid layer of egg white

Freshness All the Way

egg on plate

When you are eating a Seng Choon egg, you are enjoying a pure product of nature. You are tasting freshness & quality that has been prepared for you with thought & love.

That is why households & food manufacturers insist on our eggs. They like them for their freshness, richer flavours they give to food & the excellent finish they produce. In their words, fresh Seng Choon eggs…

  • “Make egg tarts tastier.”
  • “Create light, fluffy cakes that rise beautifully.”
  • “Make noodles more attractive, shiny & springy.”
  • “Are tasty & delicious.”

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